Rachel Bonato
Founder of Blossoming Bliss

Hi, I’m Rachel Bonato, the founder of Blossoming Bliss, an Australian owned, elegant, comfortable and contemporary maternity and nursing clothing brand, purposely designed for during and after pregnancy.

For the first time, experiencing the many special stages of pregnancy has been the most incredible, exciting and emotional journey so far. Blossoming Bliss is the simplest way for me to describe the nine extraordinary (and overwhelming at times) months in which the female body creates the magical gift of life.

These nine months (give or take) are such a special time in which all women, I believe, should enjoy the blossoming of their new bodies as they blissfully experience the growth of their unique child and excitedly await their new bundle of joy. Being a leader in a secondary school, who worked through most of my pregnancy, I wanted to feel confident and professional without trying to hide my ever-growing belly (plus my thighs, backside and everything else that wanted to grow with it!).

I struggled to find elegant, professional and comfortable maternity wear so my company, Blossoming Bliss was born. I want all women to embrace the journey of pregnancy, rather than wishing it away until destination ‘motherhood’ arrives. Women should feel empowered, embracing their “blossoming” bodies during and after pregnancy, showing off their flattering figures with complimentary and comfortable clothing.

I certainly was able to have the confidence in each stage of my pregnancy as I elegantly blossomed with utter bliss in my new maternity clothing line and I hope that you enjoy experiencing this precious journey in style too.

* It is understandable that everyone’s body shape and size will vary during the many different stages of pregnancy and beyond. Hence, the development of our  home boutique, where you can email me at rachel@blossomingbliss.net to book in a time for a completely FREE fitting session(s). 

We also have a range of kimonos for all women through all walks of life, which are great for dressing up your wardrobe.